First we will try to repair your product ,if cannot then we give you new product

Warrenty Policy

There are some situation Where You cannot Claim Warrenty

  • if the product etc is broken
  • if the product is drop from high place
  • if the product burned out due to high voltage
  • if the product is affected by water
  • if the product is damage with by knife or sharp things
  • if the we relize that customer damage the product by itself
  • for any problem contact our team ( Support@samsungmart.pk

Following situation where you can claim warrenty

  • if the product burned out without any reason
  • if the quality decrease certainly
  • If the product show some technical problem you can contact our team(Support@samsungmart.pk) they will guide you
  • if the product broke without any reason or due to low quality you can

The warrenty we are giving you is on Our Own Behalf Samsung-Mart and For Some Product on Manufactured behalf

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